MESH Simple Shield

MESH Simple Shield (creation date 3/23/2020). See Disclaimer below.

The MESH Simple Shield was created by Marc Succi, MD and Holly Brideau, MD in the Department of Radiology at Mass General Hospital. It is a low-tech, low-cost and disposable shield to solve a simple need – face shield protective equipment during the shortfall of personal protective equipment (PPE) amongst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Key elements:

Machine-Free: No 3D printing/lasercutting/die casting etc. No tools. Anyone can assemble.
Low-Cost: 23 cents/unit off the shelf, significantly lower in bulk.
Fast: 15 second “manufacturing” (assembly) time. Pre-assemble and ship or assemble at point of care.
Disposable: Just like current PPE, this is disposable. No concerns about re-usability such as sanitation, handling, costs, etc.
Supply Chain: Because these materials are not in the current PPE supply chain, they are abundantly available.


1. Adhesive foam weatherstripping (1 inch or thickest available – Amazon, Home Depot)
2. 8.5 x 11 standard clear acetate binder cover (Amazon, Staples)
3. Roll gauze or self-adhesive elastic bandage (3M Coban or generic – any first aid kit, hospital supply, Amazon, etc)

Assembly (15 seconds):

1) Single hole punch in both ends of the binder cover (arrange in “landscape mode”)
2) Tear and place foam weatherstripping along wide edge, in line with holes.
3) Roll gauze/self-adhesive bandage (easy to tear, no scissors) – Stuff through the two holes to create headband – tension keeps band in place.

Need to adjust size? The elastic nature of the band should have you covered. If not, simply pull more of the roll/gauze/bandage through either hole, and it will maintain it’s position via tension. No tools or fasteners needed.

Copyright of the MESH Simple Shield (the “Design”) is held by MGH, and users of the Design may not assert ownership or copyright. The Design may be used for personal use only. Please attribute “The MESH Incubator, MGH”.

This face shield design and specifications (the “Design”) is provided “AS IS” and Massachusetts General Hospital, including any and all of its affiliated institutions (“MGH”), is not responsible for ensuring that one’s use of the Design will be clinically sound, without error, or otherwise successful. The Design has not been tested or approved for use in a healthcare setting and the Design is not approved by any regulatory body. If you choose to use the Design, you assume all risk and bear all responsibility and liability, including but not limited to, the responsibility for any federal, state or other applicable regulatory requirements that apply to the manufacture, distribution, and use of face shields.  MGH specifically disclaims all warranties, express, implied or statutory, including implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and noninfringement.